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Welcome to Electralux 3D

Electralux 3D, LLC offers its clients strategic, technical and creative professional services for video content creation and delivery:

Supporting the legal industry has been the core of our services for the past 10 years. We produce and edit videotapes for depositions, site inspections, interviews, Day-in-the-Life, settlement videos and accident reconstruction. We produce corporate training videos, promotional videos and commercials for the web and television. In addition, we consult with attorneys, rent out, set-up A/V equipment and present multimedia for court use. In supporting attorneys during trial we use trial exhibit software that allows all exhibits to be conveniently located in one database to be called on demand during trial.

Electralux 3D was founded by Debbie Arce and Julie Van Hove during the burgeoning years of San Francisco's multimedia gulch area in 1995. Over the years, we have supported our clients in most all aspects of digital media developement. By successfully coupling the founder's skills along with a strong network of talented and professional programmers, animators, editors, videographers and graphic designers, the company has supported its varied clients by providing quality, customized service in Interactive Multimedia, Digital Video Production, Webcasting, CD/DVD Production, Internet Technologies, 3D Modeling and Animation, QTVR, and web development.